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company culture:

"Being sincere, operating with integrity and humane management" is the foundation of our company.
Looking ahead, we will use the lofty spirit and self-confidence of intelligent potential people to fly against the water, ride the wind and break the waves, and keep moving forward. Through thinking innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, marketing innovation, and service innovation, we will build a beautiful society, customers, enterprises, and employees. future. Bow to the golden age and advance with the times.
We will be committed to the organic combination of the "enterprise, employees, and cause", and strive for the revitalization of national industry and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
Corporate philosophy: start again from the beginning, create a better future

Corporate values:
------ Protect the overall interests of employees
------Customer satisfaction
-------Increase market share
------ Pursuing a reasonable profit for the enterprise
------ Protect the overall interests of employees

The characteristics of the intelligent potential person: talent, morality, ability, and the spirit of the intelligent potential person: unity, cooperation, dedication, hard work. Quality policy: meticulous manufacturing, careful service, and pursuit of first-class quality.
Enterprise service standards: Think for customers, make customers satisfied
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