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The network arrears number is not displayed for the time being, please pay the fees immediately!
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Energy saving performance of rock wool and its application
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Rock wool is mainly used for building insulation, which can include wall insulation, roof insulation, door insulation and ground insulation. Among them, wall insulation is the most important. Two types of on-site composite wall and factory prefabricated composite wall can be used. One of the former is the internal thermal insulation of the external wall, that is, the outer layer uses brick walls, reinforced concrete walls, glass curtain walls or metal sheets, the middle layer is an air layer plus a rock wool layer, and the inner side is a paper plasterboard. The other is external wall insulation, that is, the rock wool layer is added to the outer layer of the building, and the outer decoration layer is added. The advantage is that it does not affect the area of the building. The outer thermal insulation layer is fully enclosed, which basically eliminates the phenomenon of cold and hot bridges, and its thermal insulation performance is better than that of external wall thermal insulation. The factory prefabricated composite wall is a variety of rock wool sandwich composite boards. The promotion of rock wool composite wall is of great significance for building energy conservation in China, especially in the northern cold regions.

Because rock wool has excellent thermal insulation, compared with EPS foam, it also has good fire resistance, which is very suitable for thermal insulation of construction and industrial equipment, pipes, containers and various furnaces. Building thermal insulation, which prevents heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, is the largest application area of rock wool.

Rock wool insulation board is widely used for thermal insulation of flat, tanks, boilers, heat exchangers and other equipment and buildings with a large radius of curvature. The general temperature is 600 ° C. It can also be used for bulkhead and ceiling insulation of ships, The role of fire prevention. Rock wool glass cloth felt is mainly used for thermal insulation of equipment with complex shapes and high operating temperature. The general temperature is 400 ℃. If the construction volume is increased to 100kg / m3 or more, the thermal insulation nail volume is increased and metal outer protection is adopted. The use temperature can reach 600 ° C. Rock wool barbed felt is mostly used for thermal insulation of tanks, pipes, boilers and other high-temperature equipment. The operating temperature is 600 ° C. If the bulk density of the construction is increased, the bulk density of the thermal insulation nails is increased, and the metal outer cover is more effective. Rock wool insulation tape is widely used for heat insulation and heat insulation of large-caliber pipes, storage tanks and other equipment. The operating temperature is generally not higher than 400 ° C. Rock wool tube shell is mainly used for heat insulation and heat insulation of small-caliber pipes. The maximum use temperature of dry method pipe does not exceed 600 ℃, and the maximum use temperature of wet method pipe does not exceed 400 ℃.

In addition, some developed countries produce granular rock wool, which is used for thermal insulation of house ceilings and sandwich walls; at the same time, it can be used as a spraying material and coated on the surface of walls, beams or furnaces for fire insulation. epsmachine

When carrying out thermal insulation construction, the surface to be thermally insulated must be clean and dry; for metal surfaces that are easily corroded, an appropriate anticorrosive coating can be applied first. Butt joints of insulation materials must be tight to reduce heat loss. When multi-layer insulation is adopted, the seams of each layer should be staggered to avoid cold and hot bridges. For low-temperature insulation, the cold surface should be provided with a vapor barrier for outdoor insulation or vulnerable parts. The exterior should be wrapped with metal or plastic. Pay attention to the sealing of joints and joints and the overlap of the cladding. When the temperature is higher than 200 ℃, the insulation layer should be properly protected to prevent the thickness and bulk density of the insulation layer from changing due to thermal expansion.

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