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The network arrears number is not displayed for the time being, please pay the fees immediately!
The network arrears number is not displayed for the time being, please pay the fees immediately!
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Working performance of rock wool board in different industries
Clicks: 【1194】 Date: [2014/7/8 16:30:47]

As everyone knows, the thermal insulation industry has been very well applied in many industries. When it comes to the thermal insulation industry, most people think of rock wool products first, including rock wool boards, rock wool pipes, rock wool strips, and rock wool. Cotton felt and so on. The company can provide customers with a complete range of styles and models of rock wool products. Today we introduce to you the main properties of rock wool board, so that you can have a deeper understanding of the product.

Rock wool board has three main properties: sound insulation performance, thermal insulation performance, and combustion performance. At the same time, the characteristics of rock wool board in different industries are also different. In the construction industry, it has applied its three major characteristics, which are used in places where fire protection, waterproofing, heat preservation, fire resistance, and fire resistance have certain requirements on the environment; the chemical industry uses the characteristics of fire protection, waterproofing and heat preservation of rock wool. The fire was effectively prevented; the family used it on fire-proof and anti-theft doors; the ship's rock wool board mainly used his water repellency, and used his water resistance characteristics to the fullest extent, effectively forming a vacuum belt with water and the hull. Reach the effect of water boat separation. In short, it has its own development in each field, giving full play to its performance. Get high praise from customers.

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