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The network arrears number is not displayed for the time being, please pay the fees immediately!
The network arrears number is not displayed for the time being, please pay the fees immediately!
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The weather is slowly getting colder
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As the weather has become colder, and the temperature of the environment is also an important factor affecting the quality of the external wall insulation system, we must pay attention to this issue during winter construction. Let ’s talk about our How to carry out exterior wall thermal insulation construction in winter.

First, the temperature changes

Pay attention to the weather forecast at any time, and grasp the temperature changes. If the weather is cooling and rain or snow, construction should be stopped immediately. And make sure that the construction temperature is not less than 5 ° C, otherwise not only the health time will change, but also the product quality will be damaged after the material is frozen, which will cause cracks and water resistance, which will seriously affect the quality of the entire system.

Construction of external wall insulation system

Attention should be paid to the construction phase of the external wall insulation system:

  1. The water-cement ratio and the cement-cement ratio should be used within the specified range. Do not stir the material too thinly, otherwise it will increase the solidification time.

2. Do not soak the grid cloth with water to prevent the grid cloth from being frozen.

3. During noon construction, try to choose noon time construction to reduce the impact of temperature fluctuations.

4. Due to the decrease in temperature, the foaming and curing time of styrofoam is prolonged, so the time of sanding the board seams during construction should also be extended to avoid styrofoam being polished before it is cured.

Note: If the construction project is required to be completed within the year, the construction sequence of the north facade and the gable wall will be followed during construction, and the south facade (the winter lighting time is relatively long).

Third, the external wall insulation material

1. Storage of external wall insulation materials:

The storage temperature of all liquid materials or paste materials (such as: two-component plaster mortar, imitation brick decoration mortar, real stone paint / huacai stone, etc.) should not be lower than 5 ℃ Place indoors and cover with cotton felt to increase storage temperature. All powder materials should be stored in a dry place.

2. It is strictly forbidden to add auxiliary materials such as antifreeze and early strength agent to the bonding mortar, protective mortar and various supporting materials of the company. Anti-sludge and early strength agents only work on cement hardening, but have no effect on polymer film formation.

3. Because it is winter, many construction sites will stop working soon. Dealers should make good material plans to avoid excessive surplus. The storage environment of the construction site is very unfavorable for external insulation materials.

The above are some of the issues we should pay attention to when we are carrying out the external wall insulation system construction in winter, always pay attention to the temperature change, ensure the construction in the normal construction environment, do the site construction precautions, and do the site exterior wall insulation Storage to achieve the quality of the entire external wall insulation system.

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