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The network arrears number is not displayed for the time being, please pay the fees immediately!
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Fire insulation material for exterior wall construction
Clicks: 【507】 Date: [2016/11/14 17:23:14]
According to the survey of the external wall insulation coating system popularized and applied in the market, there are different disadvantages in several types of products currently in common use. Actively promoting building energy conservation and building wall insulation are of great significance in practical development.
Although the "Code for Fire Protection Design of High-rise Civil Buildings" and "Code for Fire Protection of Architectural Design" that are being edited try to add the principle requirements for fire protection of external wall insulation systems, the current implementation of standards does not include fire protection design for external wall insulation systems. Requirement, lack of rules for the classification of fire performance of different external wall insulation systems and the applicable building height.
"Circular 46" issued in 2009 stipulates that the external insulation wall material should not be lower than B2. In March of this year, the most stringent "Document 65" in the industry called for the use of Grade A materials for civil building exterior insulation walls. A person in charge of the engineering department of a large housing company told reporters that before the "Document 65" was issued, most of the market's external wall insulation materials used B1 or B2 polystyrene boards, accounting for about 80%. The projects that received fire approval before the notice was issued are also grade B materials based on the construction cycle. Those who got approval in the later period now start to use A grades.
The Fire Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security issued a notice specifying that the external thermal insulation materials for civil buildings are included in the scope of fire engineering design review, fire acceptance and record-checking of construction projects.
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