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The network arrears number is not displayed for the time being, please pay the fees immediately!
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Analysis on the four application fields of rock wool
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Rock wool originated in Hawaii. After the first volcanic eruption on Hawaii Island, residents on the island found a ray of melted soft rock on the ground. This is the rock wool fiber originally recognized by humans. The production process of rock wool is actually simulated. The natural process of Hawaii volcanic eruption, the rock wool products are made of high-quality basalt and dolomite as the main raw materials. After being melted at a temperature of more than 1450 ° C, the fiber is centrifuged into fibers at high speed by an international advanced four-axis centrifuge, and a certain amount of binder is injected at the same time Agent, dust-proof oil, and water-repellent agent are collected by a cotton collector, processed by a pendulum method, and then cured and cut after laying cotton in three dimensions to form rock wool products of different specifications and uses http: //www.xxjlbw .com / .

In modern society, new rock wool materials have been widely used in construction, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, petroleum, agriculture, machinery, light industry, textile, military, transportation, storage and other industries. Various buildings, industrial furnaces, boilers, heat exchangers, distillation towers, storage tanks, cold storage flues, pipes, valves, fans, air conditioners, vehicles and ships, as well as the development of modern defense, aerospace, and atomic energy technologies are inseparable. Open this new type of multi-functional material for thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction.

1. Building Energy Efficiency

Since 2009, the application of rock wool in the construction field has developed rapidly. From an annual production capacity of less than 200,000 tons, it has quickly reached an annual production capacity of nearly 2 million tons. With the introduction of GB / T25975-2010 "rock wool products for external thermal insulation of buildings", the quality of its products has also been greatly improved, reaching or even surpassing the level of similar products in Europe.

As a Class A fireproof material, rock wool is widely used in external wall insulation systems. In foreign countries, mature product standards and system certification guidelines have been formed. In China, the use of rock wool as a building insulation material has been steadily increasing, especially in the fields of public buildings, high-rise buildings and civil buildings that have high requirements on fire protection.

The application of rock wool in buildings mainly includes three application forms: external wall external insulation, fire insulation belt, and roof insulation. among them:

Exterior wall insulation system. It is used for the energy-saving and thermal insulation of external walls of residential buildings and public buildings as required by the 50% and 65% targets of building energy conservation, as well as the thermal insulation of industrial buildings and existing buildings. Insulation works for public buildings.

Fire barrier. Carry and separate the molten insulation material, control the total amount of combustible materials in the separation area; prevent the flame from spreading inside the system; improve or maintain the structural stability of the protective surface layer of the system. Under fire conditions, it can prevent or slow the attack of the fire source on the thermal insulation system inside and outside the direct fire zone, and prevent the flame from spreading through the external thermal insulation system. At the same time, it can maintain the stable existence of its own fire-resistant structure Effectively prevent the flame from spreading inside the system.

Roof insulation system. Roofing system using high-strength fire-resistant rock wool board as the thermal insulation layer and load-bearing layer of the building roof, and combined with flexible waterproof coils, vapor barriers, and system fasteners, often used in industrial plants, airports, shopping malls, stadiums And storage facilities such as steel structures or concrete flat roofs. The system is suitable for various climatic conditions, and is a new type of roofing system with functions of safety, fire prevention, high energy efficiency and sound absorption and sound insulation.

2. Industrial insulation

As a new type of thermal insulation material, rock wool is also widely used in the field of industrial thermal insulation. Because the rock wool board is a semi-rigid material, it can be bent within 30 °. Large-scale equipment, whether square or round, can be applied with rock wool insulation material and achieve good thermal insulation effect. Rock wool material has the dual characteristics of semi-rigid and soft materials. It can also be used as small equipment or large-diameter pipe insulation. It can be bent and flat, and the construction is very convenient. Large pipes can be wrapped with rock wool for insulation, and small pipes can be packed with rock wool. In the case of inconvenient construction such as indoor or pipeline racking, the construction of the shell is extremely convenient. Others, such as tees, valves, elbows, etc., can also be made of prefabricated insulation blocks with rock wool.

There are water-cooled wall tubes and other furnace walls whose temperature does not exceed 500 degrees Celsius. Rock wool felt or rock wool boards can be used instead of insulation bricks to form light furnace walls. This is important to reduce the overall weight of large thermal power boilers or quick-install boilers.

3. Shipbuilding

With the development of the shipbuilding industry, China's marine cabin materials have undergone a development process from simple to complex, from low-level to high-level, from non-standard to standard. As a new type of non-combustible cabin material, composite rock wool board cabin material has been widely adopted by shipbuilding industry at home and abroad. At present, the quality of composite rock wool boards made in China has gradually approached similar foreign products. As early as the late 1990s, major domestic shipyards basically completed the process of replacing composite silicate boards with composite rock wool boards and replacing imported imported rock wool boards with domestic composite rock wool boards.

4. Agricultural applications

The application of rock wool in the agricultural field has been developed with the continuous maturity of soilless cultivation technology, and has a history of more than 100 years. Abroad, Denmark, France, the United States, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands have manufacturers specializing in the production of agricultural rock wool, of which Denmark's Grodon production accounts for more than 60% of global sales, production plants are located in Denmark, the Netherlands and the United States, with sales networks all over the world. With the continuous development of facility agriculture in China and the large-scale promotion of greenhouse facilities, China has also become one of the countries with the largest development rate of facility agriculture and the largest available greenhouse area in the world.

Agricultural rock wool is made of about 60% basalt, 20% coke, 20% limestone, and a small amount of iron-smelted slag is melted and shaped at high temperature, and finally compressed and solidified to a specific density and then cut. In this process, a binding agent with a surface hydrophilic effect is added, which has good hydrophilicity. Agricultural rock wool has a small bulk density, generally between 60 and 80 kg / m3, which has 3% volume of fibers and 97% volume of pores, so it has good air permeability and water retention. After high temperature extraction at 1600 degrees Celsius, it is sterile and pollution-free, so it has become the best substrate material for soilless cultivation.

The application of rock wool in China has only a short history of 20-30 years, and the application in the construction field has only flourished in recent years. There is still a lot of room for development in agricultural and other fields, but its superior insulation Thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, and fire safety performance have received increasing attention from all walks of life. Xinxiang Thermal Insulation Material Factory,

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