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The network arrears number is not displayed for the time being, please pay the fees immediately!
The network arrears number is not displayed for the time being, please pay the fees immediately!
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Application principles of rock wool pipe insulation
Clicks: 【826】 Date: 【2017/5/20 16:43:44】
The rock wool tube can effectively protect it, so that the building can achieve the purpose of heat insulation, and the entire wall is at a relatively stable temperature. Its temperature difference deformation stress is small, but the internal insulation method and the external insulation method are completely opposite, and the surface is soft and breathable. The combination of the fixed method has the advantages that it has the disadvantages of wall insulation, which is the most important internal and external mixed insulation. In the external insulation method, it makes the structural wall of the entire building seriously affected by the indoor temperature. The change is small. The external insulation of the external wall is that the rock wool layer is added to the outer layer of the building and then the outer decorative layer is added. The advantage is that it does not affect the area of the building. The external insulation layer is completely closed and basically eliminates the phenomenon of cold and hot bridges. The promotion of the wall, that is, the composite wall of various rock wool tubes and sandwich panels, is of great significance for building energy conservation in China, especially in cold regions.
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