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The network arrears number is not displayed for the time being, please pay the fees immediately!
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2017 rock wool board became the new focus of domestic thermal insulation industry
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In China, rock wool boards for external wall insulation have been developed for more than ten years, because in these years, fires have frequently occurred in the construction and industrial fields. As a top class A insulation material for fire protection-rock wool boards, they have attracted much attention from all walks of life in the industry. And respected. As we all know, in the testing items of thermal insulation materials, the thermal conductivity and density of materials are very important detection targets. The thermal conductivity is a measure of the thermal performance of the material, and the density target is a very good measure of whether the thermal insulation material is in the technical request. Within range.

Regarding the data of fibers, the change of thermal conductivity is related to the diameter and orientation of the fiber and the density of the commodity. When the diameter of the fiber and the placement of the fiber are unchanged, the finished rock wool product is too low or has a high density. Or the contribution of adiabatic function is not obvious, and its optimal density distribution scale is generally. From the perspective of thermal insulation, regarding the use of different systems, when selecting rock wool board materials or developing rock wool finished products, some basic guidelines can be followed: under the premise of meeting the application requirements (such as strength, fire safety, etc.), The thermal conductivity should be reduced as much as possible, and the density should be located in a reasonable range.

As everyone knows, the strength of the finished rock wool board, especially the tensile strength, is very important in terms of wind resistance. However, regarding the use of rock wool in the field of thermal insulation, there is a wrong idea in the shopping mall: for example, the outer wall external thermal insulation system, a dense rock wool product must have better mechanical strength. To increase the mechanical strength, you must improve the rock wool Therefore, in many local technical regulations or specifications in China, the density requirements of rock wool boards used in external thermal insulation systems have been requested. In this way, too high density will inevitably cause the thermal conductivity to increase, and then The heat insulation function of the rock wool board is weakened, which also brings inconvenience to the construction device. In fact, in European malls, a solution to this problem has been presented.

After all, how can we not only achieve higher mechanical strength and low thermal conductivity, but also reduce the overall density of rock wool boards? We might as well learn some European sophisticated and advanced experiences.

Rock wool in Europe started early, with advanced technology, and 80% of the finished rock wool products are used in the construction of thermal insulation, and have experienced application experience. In the field of roof and exterior wall insulation, Europe has developed and used a product called directional rock wool board, which has solved the question of the balance between mechanical strength, density and thermal conductivity of the finished rock wool product: Based on a relatively low uniform density, the thermal conductivity can be reduced as much as possible, or even more than 10%, without dedicating to the mechanical strength of the data. The series of directional rock wool board products have been widely used in Europe for the thermal insulation of roofs, exterior walls and other building envelopes. Compared with the commonly used finished rock wool board, the weight can be reduced by more than 15%, so it will be more convenient in the transfer process, the construction is more convenient, and the load on the outer wall is less

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